Cartridges for technical and drinking water

In cooperation with companies "Microstar Srl" and "Fluka" from Italy, we offer a wide range of filter cartridges for water treatment, both technical and drinking water.

For all purposes where it is important to effectively remove mechanical impurities. Filtration of water and other liquids in the chemical, petrochemical, photographic, electronic, pharmaceutical, food industry.

The materials of which they can be made:

  • polyester
  • polypropylene
  • glass fibers
  • cotton

The range of filtration fineness: 0.6 - 80 microns.

The range of sizes of cartridges: 10 - 80 inches with connectors - international code 8, 7, 3, 0, 9L, 7L, 6.

Filter cartridges for air and oil

  • Oil separators
  • Air separators
  • Replacement filters from the most famous manufacturers such as D. Hunter, Pall, Hydac, Spirax Sarco, etc.
  • Filter cartridges for natural gas filtration
  • Cartridges for air filtration
  • Cartridges for oil filtration
  • Fuel filters
  • Filter cartridges for the oil vapors treatment
  • Filters for vacuum pumps
  • Filters for compressors
  • Cartridges for gas turbines and collectors of fine dust

* All filters and filter cartridges possess technical data sheets as well as certificates of most renowned laboratories.

* We offer filters and filter cartridges in special dimensions and quality, by the client request.

Filter bags for dust collection

We produce all kind of filter bags and sleeves by the request of the customer (size, shape, quality).

We have a wide range of materials which we use in manufacturing:

  • Polyester
  • Polyester anti-static
  • Polypropylene
  • Meta - aramid
  • Nomex
  • P84
  • PPS

Beside the certificate of competent laboratories for the needle-conductive materials, we have the certificates from domestic institute (Vinca Institute of Technology, University of Belgrade).

For manufacturing we use materials from "Testori" Company (Italy). Hundred years of tradition in making fabric in this company is guarantee of quality for reasonable price.

Beside manufacturing, we offer technical support in cooperation with engineers from Italy.

Filters for painter chambers

Those filters are in high class of efficiency - M5. They are made of very fine polyester fibers and adhesive materials which retain fine particles. They provides good resistance to heat, high storage and high powder capacity, minimal loses.


  • Self-extinguishing: can be used even in the presence of a flame or spark
  • High efficiency
  • The high capacity of reservoir
  • Composition: bicomponent polyester or polyester mesh unit - thin or wide (depending on the type of filter)
  • Maintenance: thermal anti-exfoliating and moisturizing
  • Fire reaction: F1 - DIN 53438
  • Energy efficiency: CEN EN 779: M5
  • Eurovent class: EU 5
  • Ability to remove synthetic dust from the air (average): 97% - 97.6%
  • Maximum operating temperature: 100 °C

G4 filters

Average synthetic filter (PF Series) are made using top quality polyester fibers of various lengths. They can be connected with melting of resin. All are progressive density in terms of the direction of air, which provides a high capacity for accumulation of dust and reduce the load loss.


  • Self-extinguishing: can be used even in the presence of a flame or spark
  • The blue color indicates the direction of air flow direction
  • High efficiency
  • The high capacity of reservoir
  • Composition: 100% polyester fiber
  • Maintenance: thermal
  • Fire reaction: F1 - DIN 53438
  • Energy efficiency: CEN EN 779: G3 - G4
  • Eurovent class: EU 3 - EU 4
  • Ability to remove synthetic dust from the air (average): 97% - 97.6%
  • Maximum operating temperature: 100 °C
  • Packing: polyethylene bag

Tested in accordance with the strictest European standards, with technical documentation, safety data, beliefs about "reaction to fire" Class and filtration.

Gaf filters

Gaf filters are a type of filter bags that are used for the filtration of fluids in chemical, food, alcohol industry - non-alcoholic drinks, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

This type of filters can be manufactured in standard, or in non-standard dimensions.

A wide range micronaire, even 11 fineness of filtration.

HVAC air conditioning

Material in rolls

Filter media rolls are mostly used as a prefilter or as the first stage of filtration, on plants, ventilation, and protection of compressor stations, electro - cabinets, production halls, etc.

They are designed to filter out large particles of grit and dust. The materials are non-flammable, self-extinguishing and harmless to the environment and human health.

We can offer:

  • Synthetic materials in roll
  • Glass materials in roll
  • Filtering foam in roll
  • Automatic roll filters

Pre filters

These filters are designed for general use in air conditioning and industrial applications. Retain a large amount of dust, thanks to the progressive construction of the filter material.

  • Panfil one-fluted (pleated) G3/4
  • Cassette filters G3/4
  • Fiber glass panel filters
  • Flat filters G2-G4
  • Fiber glass panel HT - high temperature resistant (< 300°)

Filters can be in metal, aluminum, or cardboard frames.

Bag filters G3-F9

Bag filters are used in the penultimate or final level of filtration that implies high standards of separation.Their application is in medical institutions, pharmaceutical industry, the processes in the food industry, ...

The distances between pockets provide uniform air flow and uniform distribution of dust within the overall filter. The fineness of filtration classes ranging from G3 to F9, and there are standard and non-standard dimensions of bag filters in metal or plastic frames, thickness 25 or 20 mm.


  • Low pressure drop
  • High economic efficiency
  • Saving energy

Compact V filters

They have extremely high efficiency in air removal, which is affected with dust, smoke, pollen, water vapor, bacteria, ...

They are usually used as a prefilter for HEPA or ULPA filters in air conditioning systems.

HEPA filters

HEPA filters are used in situations that require a high or very high levels of air cleanliness. Typical applications can be found in hospitals, microelectronics, medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology laboratories and the food industry.

Wet filtration

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Filter bags
  • Filters for fluid bed dryers - "octopus" filters with a large number of journals
  • Bags for centrifuges
  • Dry disc filters
  • Gaf filters

Our octopus bags for fluid bed dryers are characterized by excellent quality of materials, production and finish so that we can always guarantee minimal losses in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Filter cloth for press

Our company has extensive experience with many applications which use filter presses, so we offer completed filter cloth, which are made according to the dimensions of frames, by the rest of the "cake", retention of particles and of course by the required productivity.

To meet this, we have developed a wide range of standard and specific canvases, according to the method of installation, sealing, connecting, etc.

Filter cloth for filter disk segments

Canvas for segments of disk filters can be adjusted according to any type of disc filters upon request.

Our canvas is characterized by extreme resistance to wear such a large percentage of retention "cake".

Canvas for straining liquids

In addition to woven fabrics of cotton and polyester, which are manufactured in our own factories, we also offer a wide range of fabrics for wet filtration of polypropylene, polyester, as well as conductive materials for the pharmaceutical industry of the company "Testori" from Milan (Italy).

From the same manufacturer we offer a wide range of polypropylene fabric made of filament used for filtering solids from liquids. An example is a chemical sugar industry, as well as non-ferrous metals.

Conveyor filter strips and dry sieve

Conveyor filter strips as well as dry sieve are characterized by continuous drying and filtration stage with high flow or low percentage of residual moisture.

Dewatering / Drying is carried out by natural sedimentation or is supported by processes with high blood pressure or vacuum.

Our tapes are used in the timber industry, dewatered sludge processes in wastewater treatment, industrial cardboard, paper, etc.

Special offer - filter strips that are used in the desulphurization process in power plants, chemical industry and mining.

Baking industry

"ARENA" produce felt belts for following production: Baguette and Croissant Moulders, Dough Rolling Machines, Rounder Dividers, …


We also produce transport tapes (felted, cotton and plasticized), tapes for dough shaping, sleeves for dough aging (fermentation chamber).

VTK canvas

Arena brand high tensile strength air slide fabric is a belt fabric mainly used for pneumatic transmission of cement, bauxite, carbon black, gypsum, flour, etc, as well as equipped to fluid bed and powder mixing tank, which with a special and controllable air permeability can help to improve the convey efficiency and also guarantee the mixed powders uniformity.

Cartridges for natural gas

The cartridges are used to filter methane gas in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd intervals in decompression cabins. They have a filtering capacity of 5 microns and great accumulating capacity; the filtering fabric is BIA-USGC certified, and it is thermostabilized from the input side for better removal of powders. They protect natural gas regulating and measuring equipment from mechanical erosion by powders.

Technical specifications

Filtering separator - polyester needle punched felt
Degree of filtration - 1-3-5-20-50-100 mikrons nominal on the 99% of particles
Adhesive - epoxy bicomponent
Washer - pressed felt
Collapse pressure - to request
Max temperature - 135 °C
Caps - powder coated RAL blue 5015 steel
Support net - galvanised iron

Viscose cloth for CNC machines

Applications mainly regard the filtering of industrial liquids (emulsions and cutting oils used as coolants and lubricants on machine tools, washing liquids, water for civil and industrial uses, edible oils and fluids, etc.) and NW for the construction of cartridges. However, these applications can also be extended to all merchandising sector (such as layers of composite materials, mould detachment aids, protective sheaths, waterproof and absorbent coatings and well as filtering covers).

We can cut any size between 20 and 3200 mm, compatibly with the various production widths.

All the materials can be supplied in any format by request (sheets, punched discs, sleeves, filtering pockets and bags, with edging, tapes and reinforcement stitching in compliance with customer specifications).

Flexible Silos

Our flexible silos are produced from hard polyester fabric to be durable, flexible and fit to most available floor spaces.

Our silos can be constructed and fitted to meet any requirement. They can be produced to any dimension and can be scaled down to any size.

Our flexible fabric silos for bulk goods, such as:

- Plastics (Polystyrol, Aerosil, ABS, PET, etc.)
- RC-Products (EPS, EPDM, PP, PVC, etc.)
- Building materials (mineral, cellulosic, other materials etc.)
- Animal feed
- We deliver storage-silos, which can help weights up to 60 t and volumes up to 180 m3

Dust Collectors

ARENA d.o.o. is very proud to announce cooperation and become reliable representatives of Ulpatek for UlpaDust range.

Industrial Dust Collection Systems are generally used for cleaner and safer working environments. Also, energy savings, production efficiency increases, product recoveries, air pollution controls which are other benefits.

Reliable Ulpadust Dust Collection Systems ensures:

  • Easy & less maintenance
  • User friendly applications
  • Space saving with compact design
  • Low energy consumption with lower differential pressure
  • Excellent sealing solutions
  • Long service life
  • Long durability with strong construction
  • ATEX Certified


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Food & Agricultural
  • Paper Scrap Trim Transport
  • Laser / Plasma Cutting & Welding
  • Rubber
  • Composite / Fiberglass
  • Mining
  • Powder Painting
  • Wood
  • Textile